High Cup Nick – Pennine Way

17 April 2024

High Cup Nick is one of the true icons of the Pennine Way.

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The start of the season 2024

16 April 2024

After what has been a long soggy winter, we are delighted to have customers out walking with Shepherds Walks Holidays. Whilst it has been a long winter and we have not had clients out walking with us over the past few months, believe it or not it has been our busiest time of the year. 

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Thanks on St Cuthbert's Way April 2024

10 April 2024

Our first holiday of the year. And what an iconic image they have taken! 

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Gregs Hut – Pennine Way

09 April 2024

One of the true icons of the Pennine Way is Greggs Hut.

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The build - Shepherds Walks Ltd

21 December 2023

On the 1st February 2023 we received the keys for our new unit. Over the coming 10 weeks we worked evenings and weekends to build our new office, training room and warehouse from a completely blank canvas for Shepherds Walks. We hope if you are passing, as we are on the St Oswald's Way trail, you will call in to see us.

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Yorkshire Dales - Three Peaks in three days - three very different days walking

13 October 2023

The Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks have a real special place in my heart. A blog and videos after this stunning guided walking holiday taking in the Three Peaks over three days.

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Herriot Way - September 2023

05 October 2023

Our fifth Shepherds walking holiday was very enjoyable, once again we were graced with perfect weather. As always the booking arrangements, preparation and documentation was first class. (Which is why we keep coming back).  

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Sycamore Gap

28 September 2023

The iconic symbol on Hadrian's Wall which brought so many happy memories and inspiration, has been felled.

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A Flawless Holiday

21 June 2023

My son Gary and I would like to thank you for organising our self guided holiday along Hadrians Wall. The holiday was flawless from start to finish and has left us with many priceless memories to mark his fortieth birthday and spending Father's day on the trail was magical. A special mention for Brookside Villa at Gilsland and Hadrians Barn at Heddon for accommodation, Hadrians Haul for collecting and dropping off our bags and a big thank you to Dennis, his advice and help was priceless. A wonderful time.  Thanks again Best wishes  Steve Rose   

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Isle of Man Coastal Path

13 June 2023

Just to let you know that I arrived back home safely on the evening of the23rd after having had a fabulous holiday. I have to admit that I found itquite strenuous in places and my body was glad of the rest when I arrivedback in Douglas, but the scenery and the wonderful people I met more thancompensated for the pain.

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Hadrian’s Wall 13th-19th June - Our experience.

13 June 2023

Our holiday was to celebrate Gary’s big 40 birthday and it was from start to finish truly memorable. We began at Bowness on Solway on one of the hottest days of the year and the excellent weather continued for the six days of our walk.

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Walking the Northern Saints Trail, the Way of the Light, the ultimate guide - route info

24 February 2023

The Northern Saints Trails are six routes that reflect the saints’ journeys and their connections with the Northeast and also recognise the significance of Durham Cathedral as a destination for pilgrims for centuries. The Way of the Light is a superb route which links Durham with the historic site of Heavenfield.

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Walking the Berwickshire Coast Path, the ultimate guide - route info

13 February 2023

Several years ago, a great friend of mine, who managed the Northumberland Coast Path, introduced me to the Berwickshire Coast Path.I was taken back, especially as it was different than the Northumberland Coast Path. From then on, it has been one of my favourite short walking holidays we offer.

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Training Plan to Prepare for a Shepherds Walks Holiday

23 January 2023

We get asked many times, how can I prepare for my walking holiday and will I be able to keep up with everybody else if I join a guided holiday group? It is essential to prepare for your holiday and this is our guide for you: 

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Walking St Oswald’s Way the ultimate guide - route info

22 January 2023

The 97-mile St Oswald's Way is a real thinking person's trail. For those looking to do a real pilgrimage from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to Heavenfield, the famous battle sight.

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Walking the Dales Way, the ultimate guide - route info

09 January 2023

The Dales Way is the most popular varied long-distance trail running not only passing through the Yorkshire Dales but also Cumbria and the Lake District, we look at the questions many people ask before booking.

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Walking the Hadrian’s Wall Trail, the ultimate guide - route info

14 December 2022

The Hadrian's Wall Trail is the most popular long-distance trail running through Northern England, we look at the questions many people ask before booking.

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Walking the Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks, the ultimate guide - route info

29 November 2022

The Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks route is 24 miles (38.6km), and it includes 1585m (5200ft) of ascent. The most common challenge is people trying to undertake it in under 12 hours, but here at Shepherds Walks Holidays, we cover this iconic walk in a more leisurely 3 days of walking.

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Walking the Northumberland Coast Path, the ultimate guide - route info

18 November 2022

The truly beautiful Northumberland Coast Path, we look at all the key questions that people ask before walking the trail.

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Walking Isle of Man Coastal Path, the ultimate guide - route info

01 November 2022

In this latest, we look at all the key questions that people ask before walking the Isle of Man Coast Path.

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Walking St Cuthbert’s Way, the ultimate guide - route info

25 October 2022

In this series of articles, we look at all the key questions that people ask before walking St Cuthbert's Way.

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Hadrian's Wall

05 October 2022

Duncan, Peter and Nick decided to walk Hadrian's Wall during the hottest week of 2022. They share their experience of their holiday with us here...

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St Oswald's Way

04 October 2022

Linda and Ruth enjoyed a bespoke holiday along St Oswald's Way last month. Here is what they thought of their trip...

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Northumberland Coast Path Bespoke Holiday

03 October 2022

Denise Liscombe and Tracy Waggoner wanted to join us for a walking holiday but add extra days for sightseeing. No problem. Read their account of their bespoke holiday along Northumberland Coast Path with Shepherds Walks Holidays....

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We made it - St Cuthbert's Way!

29 September 2022

A lovely group of ladies joined together to tackle St Cuthbert's Way with Shepherds Walks Holidays, way back in 2020.  After 2 years of delays due to Covid they finally made it earlier this year..... read all about it here!     

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Hadrian's Wall Trip Starting From Carlisle - NEW for 2023!

27 September 2022

Sharon and Alyn Wilkinson wanted to walk Hadrian's Wall, starting from Carlisle rather than Newcastle Upon Tyne. We are introducing Carlisle start holidays along the Wall in 2023. See what they have to say about their holiday here!

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St Oswald's Way 2022

30 August 2022

Alex and Christine share their experience of walking St Oswald's Way with us in late August / early September 2022. And what a journey they had! 

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Many thanks for a great holiday along the coast

01 June 2022

Keith and Olive recently walked the Northumberland Coast Path with Shepherds Walks Holidays.They kindly wrote a blog post about the adventure.

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What is the best Long Distance Walking Trail in the UK?

06 April 2022

Taking in both National Trails and non-National Trails, we have compiled the list to answer the question, what is the best long-distance trail in the UK?

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Sole Walkers

27 March 2017

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Cumbria Way - blog

23 November 2016

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The Dales Way

23 October 2016

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Coast Path Passport

01 September 2016

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John Clayton

21 April 2016

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High Cup Nick is one of the true icons of the Pennine Way. more...