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Hadrian's Wall guided trip - the blog

9th Feb 2016 by Jon Monks

Walk – Bowness on Solway to Crosby on Eden

We had all met over in Newcastle the previous day and after a good first evening in the hotel we were all ready to start our journey along the wall the following day.

What a day it was, the sun was shining and we were all itching to get started as we took the picture of the group before we started at Bowness on Solway, the start of our walk along Hadrian’s Wall.

One of the best days walking along the wall, and that’s some statement. Great company, good food (Grahams picnic lunch) and superb weather.

We all sat down outside the sports centre in Carlisle after getting our passports stamped for the second time that day knowing we had just another three miles to our accommodation that night.

Upon arrival we were welcomed by an open bar and after a quick shower and change the now somewhat weary group enjoyed fine food and wine.

More days like this please!

Walk – Crosby on Eden to Birdoswald’s (well just after)

A slightly shorter day was in store, but one thing did continue; the fine weather.

There was a small amount of dew on the grass as we skirted the River Eden before leaving Crosby on Eden behind as we ventured east crossing the wonderful countryside beyond Carlisle.

It was packed lunch day today and what better place to enjoy it than on the lovely village green at Walton.

After lunch we saw the first sections of true walls and after climbing up through Banks we were on one of my favourite sections heading towards Birdoswald’s Roman Fort.

After quickly stamping our passports we dropped down to the best bridge on the trail as we crossed the river Irthing before rising up next to the wall to our nights accommodation.

Another great evening was enjoyed by all, as we ate freshly baked bread and fresh fish and meat. Spirits were high, but everybody was ready for an early night, but who could blame them.

Walk – Birdoswald’s to Steel Rigg

After running this trip last year we had decided to shorten this days walk, hence the slightly longer first day. This made it what I feel is the most perfect days walking.The sun was still shining and as we started our climb up to Walltown Quarry we were glad to be having our first stop of the day. This is a truly civilised way to walk the wall, with freshly made tea and snacks waiting for you.

We then climbed up into true wall country and for the first time we could look back from the high ground on where we had been. We had certainly covered some ground.

After a much deserved lunch we continued to climb to the highest point on the wall, Green Slack, before dropping back down to Steel Rigg.

After a short walk we were at our nights’ accommodation and again enjoying fine cuisine and drink. This gave us plenty of time to look back on what I personally think had been the most stunning scenery of the trip so far.

Walk – Steel Rigg to Chollerford

The day of familiar views.

We started off by walking the most popular part of the Hadrian’s Wall Trail.

Sycamore Gap, Crag Lough, Housesteads and Sewingshields Crags are all familiar names to non trail walkers, but as you pass through and view these close at hand you cannot be failed to be impressed.

A quick morning stop at Housesteads gave a number of the group a little time to look around the most famous fort on Hadrian’s Wall and before long we were on one of my favourite sections of the wall, Sewingshields Crags. Away from all the crowds in true Northumberland countryside.

After that the next highlight was the dramatic Limestone Corner, before we dropped down to Chollerford, not forgetting the stamping point at Chesters.

The weather was a little cooler with the odd shower later in the day. Again we had the wind behind us and again this is so beneficial to our achievement.

I think the highlight of the day was the well deserved drink in the George at Chollerford. Four days gone, just two to go.

Walk – Chollerford to Newburn

Another big day ahead but by now everybody was truly up for it.

Climbing up out of Chollerford is one of my favourite sections, as we passed St Oswald’s Church on the way, which is the end of St Oswald’s Way.

As the group continued to climb they all got some superb views off to their left all the way over to the Simonside Hills.

The first stop of the day was at Portgate, now the location for the Errington Arms.

The next few hours was spent following the Military Road into Heddon on the Wall, before dropping down onto the Tyne and a lovely walk in sunshine along to Newburn.
A fantastic end to another great days walking.

Walk – Newburn to Wallsend

It was a day of walking back into civilisation. A slightly shorter day was ahead of us and the pace was good as we followed the River Tyne. The end was just around the corner!

We passed through Lemmington, Scotswood and Elswick before reaching and passing along the Key Side, past the bridges, The Baltic and Sage Music Hall before a well deserved cup of Coffee overlooking the Millennium Bridge.

Lunch was just around the corner at St Peter’s before we walked our last few miles to Segedunem.

Certificates were received for completing the walk, and what an achievement. We had done it!

I personally had made and built on great friendships during this trip. A group of some great characters who I would like to spend a drink with anytime reminiscing on what had been a wonderful walk across the country.

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