High Cup Nick – Pennine Way

17th April 2024

High Cup Nick is one of the true icons of the Pennine Way.

If you are walking the mid-section of the Pennine Way you will come across High Cup Nick on the day from Langdon Beck to Dufton, to be honest one of the best sections of the Pennine Way. A day following the River Tees before climbing up to Cow Green Reservoir before gradually climbing up to High Cup Nick itself.

High Cup Nick is a U-shaped valley in Cumbria, which was created in the ice age.

It is partly made up of Whin Sill, which is the same rock type that the middle section of the Hadrian’s Wall Trail is built on, the famous Whin Sill.

The Pennine Way skirts the Northern Side of High Cup Nick and from there you are treated to the most stunning views as you look down the valley.

Alfred Wainwright described High Cup Nick as ‘a great moment on the journey’ in his book Pennine Way Companion.

After taking in this high point of the Pennine Way you drop down to the lovely village of Dufton, a very grand village for its relative isolation.

Lead mining was an important industry in the 1800’s, and the London Lead Company (owned by Quakers) was instrumental in building many of the buildings in the village of Dufton, for the workers and their families.


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High Cup Nick – Pennine Way Apr 2024

High Cup Nick is one of the true icons of the Pennine Way. more...