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St Oswald's Way - A radio view

8th Dec 2015 by Jon Monks

Back in 2009, shortly after being launched St Oswald’s Way was featured on Ramblings on Radio 4.

St Oswald's Way is a 97-mile route, running from Holy Island in the north, along the stunning Northumberland coast before heading inland to Heavensfield and Hadrian's Wall. The path links some of the places associated with St Oswald, the King of
Northumbria in the early seventh century, who played a major part in bringing Christianity to his people.

Rather than just one programme the BBC decided to do a full series on this great long distance trail and varies people walked different sections with Claire Balding, including the section from Weldon Bridge to Rothbury with Jon Monks, from Shepherds Walks.

The series gave a great overview of the trail so if you are thinking of walking the trail or want to look back at a holiday they are certainly worth a listen to –

Northumberland - St Oswald's Way: Holy Island - Episode 1 of 6listen here

The first section of the route takes Clare from Holy Island to St Cuthbert's Cave. She is joined by local clergyman Michael Mountney, the creator of the route, who conceived the idea as a millennium project for his parish. They are joined by long-distance walking expert Jenny Walters, who offers Clare advice on how to keep her feet in shape for the miles ahead and the kit she needs to keep on track.

Northumberland - St Oswald's Way: Belford to Beadnell – Episode 2 of 6listen here

The second section of the route takes Clare from Belford to Beadnell in the company of Iain Robson and Tom Cadwallender, who guide Clare through the highlights of this stretch of the route. Iain and Tom both help to maintain the area for the
Northumberland National Park, and the two long-distance paths on their patch help to ensure that a steady stream of enthusiastic walkers visit the county.

Northumberland - St Oswald's Way: Alnmouth to Warkworth - Episode 3 of 6listen here

Clare walks the third stretch of the route, from Alnmouth to Warkworth, in the company of local artisit Sue Fenlon and photographer Barbara Aitchison. They explain why they find this part of the Northumberland coast so inspiring.

Northumberland - St Oswald's Way: Warkworth to Rothbury – Episode 4 of 6listen here

On the fourth leg of the route, Jon Monks from Shepherds Walks explains to Clare why he believes St Oswald's Way is the thinking man's walking route.

Northumberland - St Oswald's Way: Rothbury to Simonside – Episode 5 of 6listen here

Former hill shepherd Russell Tait, Northumberland's answer to George Clooney, is Clare's guide as she walk's the fifth leg of the route from Rothbury to Simonside.

Northumberland - St Oswald's Way: Hadrian's Wall to Heavenfield – Episode 6 of 6listen here

Clare walks the final part of the route in the company of the men who were responsible for designing and looking after the path, Gary Cambell and Martin Paminter. They explain how the route was launched three years ago and their plans for its future.

Clare is also, once again, joined by walking expert Jenny Walters, who wants to discover if the advice she gave Clare 90 miles ago has helped her remain fit and healthy throughout her journey.

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